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My name is Roy Goings, and I am the owner and founder of Waitaminute Entertainment. Born and raised in New York, the center of the music industry, I got my first set of turntables at the age of 10. What started out as a hobby as a young child quickly spiraled into the career of my dreams after moving to Philadelphia. I started djing for classmates parties in high school which progressed to bar events, nightclubs, and even the radio! My passion for music and djing lead me to founding Waitaminute Entertainment in 2008 and we have been on the rise ever since!


The team I have put together has over 50 years combined experience, yes you read that right, FIFTY YEARS!!! We provide premium services to all types of events throughout the year, and pride ourselves in putting our customers first and striving for perfection!


Partnering with companies that provide catering, hair and makeup services, transportation, and venues, we are a one stop shop for ALL your entertainment needs! Please feel free to contact us now and let us know how we can turn your dreams into reality! We look forward to servicing you!!

Special Events
Corporate Events
and more!
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